GREEN DRAKKOMAN - The Warrior fighting by the side of every child, young adult and family facing affected pediatric cancers.

    We have coordinated over 100 volunteers to assist Double H Ranch in Lake Luzerne. In Spring 2011 we discussed adopting the Wolf, Chipmunk Muskrat cabins with Double H Ranch redecorating and updating fixtures.

    The Green Drakkoman Team has raised over $300,000 for the St Baldricks Foundation since 2007. The funds are used for research and programs in Children's hospitals.

   Prior to Ben's passing he helped train our dog, Mocha, to be a a therapy dog and we have brought her to Albany Medical Center. We are bringing her to Double H Ranch, the Children's Hospital at Albany Medical Center and other places where she can serve the needs of children facing life threatening illnesses.

   We have worked with families to help them set up charitable bank accounts and to assist them with ways to fundraise to help them with their battle. It can be very daunting to put a fundraiser together and some folks do not have the necessary support structure in place.

The Stowell family is licensing the usage of the Green Drakkoman name to the Green Drakkoman Foundation in perpetuity.

Our current projects:

Working with the State of New York to create a Childhood Cancer Awareness License Plate.

Ben's Builders Lego Program

   -Bringing Lego play time to the HopeClub in Latham, NY
   -Bringing Lego play time to the children who are inpatient at Albany Medical Center receiving chemotherapy and other treatments. In addition we coordinate the giving of Lego sets to the patients.
Ben loved playing with Legos when he was in the hospital. Legos bring the children out of the hospital and into their world of imagination.