GREEN DRAKKOMAN - The Warrior fighting by the side of every child, young adult and family facing affected pediatric cancers.

To fight by the side of the children and families battling rare cancers and support them through increasing public awareness of these diseases.

To help individuals discover their warrior within to draw strength and courage from in there darkest hours.

To show the children, young adults, and their families that they are never alone.

To seek out and establish alliances with other organizations to make sure that resources are available to these brave warriors and their families.

To use creativity and the arts to preserve the spirit and wonder of childhood in the lives of the children and young adults affected by pediatric cancers.

To support these courageous warriors by helping fund research into new weapons and tactics so one day there will be no more casualties.

To focus on the use of technology to keep the children and young adults in contact with their friends, families and schools.

To emphasize and support the small things that allow the children, young adults and families to ease their burdens, if only for a moment.